About Foglight

About Chef Edward Philpot
Executive chef/owner
Edward Philpot

I hope you stop by and try us out – please be assured of a warm welcome and a truly eclectic menu!

Edward Philpot
Executive Chef/Owner
The Foglight Foodhouse

"I always love coming out here and last night was no different. It was my husband's first time coming. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing, the staff are kind, welcoming and very attentive." -Priscilla N.
How it all got started...

On a whim, the brothers Philpot— Edward, Paul, and Ian decided that, more than all else, tiny, unincorporated Walling TN needed a restaurant. First opened January 23rd, 1997, Foglight Foodhouse has become a favorite dinner spot across the state, and is visited regularly by tourists and regulars alike. Whether your enjoying Jambalaya or Wild Atlantic Salmon, Crawfish Bisque or Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms, or a Braveheart Beef Ribeye and a locally-brewed craft beer, you’ll fall in love with our “Lantern in the Woods.” 


Originally located in a “crazy shack in the middle of nowhere,” much of what has happened at Foglight Foodhouse has been somewhat of a happy accident— especially the name. As we three brothers were wrapping the final details on our first location, the name proved to be difficult. After juggling a few not-quite-so-good options, my brother, Ian, finally said “What do you want? It’s just a name!!” “It needs to be inspired by the water, the woods, the countryside, the fog” I said. Ian screamed “I DON’T CARE IF WE CALL IT THE FOGLIGHT, we HAVE to decide on a name!!” Enough said. Why “Foodhouse?” Well, we felt anyone can open a restaurant, but it takes a little something extra to open a Foodhouse.