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Darling Billy Bread

Toasted French bread, smothered with goat cheese, drizzled with clover honey, lightly sprinkled with sea salt and garnished with fresh fruit salsa

Toasted Ravioli

Five cheese ravioli is fried golden and served with a crawfish cream sauce.

The Double Knot

Two hot, jumbo soft dough pretzels seasoned with rosemary, sea salt, garlic, and orange zest, served with parmesan gravy for dipping.

Coconut Shrimp

Large sweet coastal shrimp battered and rolled in shredded coconut and fried to a delicious crisp: served with apricot orange marmalade sauce for dipping

Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

Marinated mushroom caps stuffed with a rich parmesan stuffing

Claude Paul's Carolina Caviar

Rich homemade pimento cheese, layered with our smoked tomato jam and baked. Garnished with crumbled goat cheese and served with Naan bread for dipping.

Creamy Spinach Thistle Dip

Fresh spinach, cream cheese, and artichoke hearts broiled until golden; served with Naan bread for dipping

Low Country Crab Cakes

Lump crab cakes lightly fried and garnished with a chipotle molasses glaze

Salads & Soup
The Kristine

A bed of organic greens, candied pecans, crumbled bleu cheese, dried cranberries, and red onions, topped with grilled chicken or blackened shrimp. Substitute low country crab cake $3.99

Side Salad

A bed of organic greens, red onions, shredded carrots, diced squash, tomato and your choice of dressing

Creole Crawfish Bisque
Cup $5.99 / Bowl $8.99

Sweet crawfish, cream and butter, a splash of sherry and creole seasoning, straight from the bayou.

Soup and Salad

A cup of our signature bisque and side salad

Homemade Dressings

Ranch, Peppercorn Parmesan, Garlic Bleu Cheese, & Apple Vinaigrette


Cowboy Lollipops

From the Turf
Cowboy Lollipops

Smoked bone-in pork shank seasoned with citrus, garlic, onion, black pepper, and sea salt. Served with starch choice and vegetable of the day. Garnished with smoked tomato jam.

Cajun Cob Roller

Thick, freshly-cut pork ribeye is cajun blackened in butter and cajun seasonings, garnished with a dollop of caper compound cutter, and served with starch choice and vegetable of the day.

Monterey Grill

Char-grilled chicken breast smothered in smoked tomato jam, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, onions and Monterey Jack cheese.

Pork Lafayette

Thick, freshly-cut pork ribeye, lightly-breaded, pan fried until golden, served on steamed rice, and smothered with a roasted artichoke parmesan cream sauce. Served with a side salad.

Rock Island Ribeye

Lightly smoked 12oz. cut, available chargrilled or cajun blackened, served with rice, grits, or potato, and vegetable of the day. *Chef's tip - best cooked medium rare to medium, and topped with bleu cheese crown.

J.P. Filet

Grain-fed filet mignon is served with rice, grits, or potato, and vegetable of the day. *Chef's tip - best cooked medium rare to medium, and topped with bleu cheese crown.


Add bleu cheese crown to any steak for 3.99 Add crawfish étouffée to any steak for 7.99 Add grilled or blackened chicken or shrimp for 7.99

For Steaks

Rare - 75% red throughout • Medium rare - 50% red center Medium - 25% pink showing inside Medium well - line of pink • Well done - no Pink

Red Beans and Rice

Red beans simmered for hours in rich beef stock with sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and special seasonings


Dark rich sauce of cajun spices, onions, tomatoes and crawfish is a bayou classic... warm and sweet, it is delicious on rice or grits


A hearty cajun stew of whatever you got... sometimes beef, and sometimes pork or chicken... ya never know what you’re gonna get

Cajun Sampler

A huge celebration of cajun flavors... samples of red beans, étouffée, and jambalaya make for a dish you’ll not soon forget


Add blackened chicken, catfish, shrimp or crab cake to any cajun entrée for 7.99

Red Beans and Rice
Fish Foglight Foodhouse
From the surf
The Bleu Winged Olive

Fresh boneless rainbow trout fillet, braised in butter and chicken stock, topped with bleu cheese crumbles, bacon dust, and olive tapenade, and finished in the broiler. Served on steamed rice with grilled asparagus. This is a Chef’s favorite!!

Mamma Hall's Shrimp & Grits

Sweet coastal shrimp, smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, cream and butter, and a splash of sherry. served on creamy cheese grits.

Rocky River Catfish

Catfish fillet rolled in seasoned course-ground grits and fried golden brown, served with rice, grits or potato and vegetable of the day

Pecan Crusted Catfish

Whole catfish fillet is crusted with a sweet pecan meal, fried golden and served with rice, grits or potato, and vegetable of the day

Swamp Cakes

Delicious crab cakes, lightly fried and served on creamy grits with vegetable of the day and garnished with étouffée and smoked cheddar cheese

Blackened Chicken Crawfish Alfredo

Blackened chicken sautéed with yellow and green onions, diced tomatoes, crawfish tail meat, and finished in a homemade alfredo with farfalle pasta (substitute blackened shrimp 25.99)

Chicken Scampi

Grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, and garlic sautéed in butter, cream, and white wine is tossed in farfalle pasta, covered with cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese and finished in the broiler. (Substitute shrimp for 23.99)

Alfredo Pasta

Farfalle pasta and homemade alfredo sauce garnished with grated parmesan cheese. (Add chicken or shrimp for 7.99)

Alfredo Pasta
Chicken Scampi
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Desserts & Beverages
Delectable Homemade Treats

The dessert menu changes daily. Ask your server for today’s selections


Sun-Drop, 7-Up, R.C. Cola, Dr. Pepper, Diet Rite, Sweetened Tea & Unsweetened Tea, Regular and Decaf Coffee, and Hot Tea *Corkage Fee 3.50 Per Glass